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I create templates for personal and business purposes to improve productivity and organization using Notion. Notion templates can be used as-is or customized to fit your needs. Please take a look at some of my templates.

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Business Templates

  • Rental Property Management:  you can simplify and optimize the process of managing your rental properties in an intuitive and organized manner
  • Equipment Rental Management: Manage your equipment rentals with ease using this Notion template.
  • Vacations Rentals Property Management: This Notion template is designed to simplify the management of airbnb rentals, vacation rentals or short-term rentals of your properties.
  • Construction Budget & Cost Tracking: Manage construction project budgets and cost tracking.
  • Commission Tracking: This Notion template is designed to help you maintain an organized and efficient record of all commission transactions, providing you with a powerful tool to optimize your sales operations.
  • CRM Real Estate Showings:  is the ultimate solution for managing property showings and streamlining your real estate business. Whether you're a property owner, an independent agent, or part of a real estate agency, this cutting-edge tool is designed to meet all your needs.
  • Restaurant Orders & Reservations: Simplify the management of tables, orders, and reservations.
  • CRM Appointments: your ultimate solution for effortless client appointment management. This template streamlines the booking process, making it a breeze to stay organized and ensure a smooth workflow.
  • Assets Tracking: this template is designed to streamline your asset management operations with utmost professionalism and efficiency. Seamlessly manage your assets, categorize them, track their locations, assign them to employees, and monitor their status, all within one template.
  • Issue Tracker: the ultimate solution for seamlessly managing bugs, issues, and feature requests for your products and projects. With this template, you can efficiently organize and track all of these elements in one place.
  • Ideas & Projects Management: Capture, organize, and manage your or your team's product ideas, turn them into projects, and track related tasks.
  • Leave Requests Management: Efficiently manage employee leave requests with this Notion template.
  • Applicant Tracking: is a comprehensive tool designed to facilitate the efficient management of the hiring process
  • Sales CRM: Optimize your sales process with this comprehensive Sales CRM Notion Template. Designed to streamline your workflow and enhance your sales management.
  • Expenses & Reimbursements: Manage employee expenses and reimbursements effortlessly with this comprehensive Notion template.
  • Rental Property Lite: Simple template to manage the basic details of your rental properties. This is the lite version of the Rental Property Management template.
  • Incident Manager: Incident Manager template is designed to streamline incident tracking and management in the workplace. Simplify your processes, enhance safety protocols, and improve response times with our comprehensive solution.

Personal Templates

  • Vehicle Maintenance Log: Keeping track of your vehicle's maintenance has never been easier. This template is designed to help you manage your vehicles and record all the maintenance activities efficiently.
  • Pet Care: With this Notion template, you can effortlessly manage all the important information about your beloved pet in one centralized location.
  • Saving Goals: Savings Goals is a Notion template that makes it easy to set specific goals and track your progress.
  • Shopping List: Grocery list template. Easily manage your products and categories. Easily add, remove and buy items from your list. Stay organized and never forget a purchase. 

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