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Sales CRM Notion template
Sales CRM Notion template

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Optimize your sales process with this comprehensive Sales CRM Notion template

Unlock the full potential of your sales process with this Sales CRM Notion template. Designed to streamline your workflow and enhance your sales management, this template offers a robust structure with intuitive tables and fields tailored for optimal performance and ease of use. Explore the key features and functionalities that make this Sales CRM template an indispensable tool for your business.


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Key Features

🔹 Opportunities

Track and manage your sales opportunities efficiently. Keep an eye on the status, priority, and ownership to ensure timely follow-ups. Attach relevant documents, add detailed notes, and monitor past and upcoming interactions to stay on top of every deal.

🔹 Companies

Maintain a comprehensive database of all the companies you interact with. Categorize them by industry, size, and location. Easily link to relevant contacts and opportunities to have all critical information at your fingertips.

🔹 Contacts 

Keep detailed records of all your contacts. Store essential information like job titles, email addresses, phone numbers, and LinkedIn profiles. Track interactions and associated opportunities to build strong relationships and drive successful engagements.

🔹 Interactions 

Log all interactions to ensure no communication goes unnoticed. Record the type and timing of each interaction, link it to the relevant opportunity and contact, and add notes for context and future reference.

🔹 Summary

Maximize your sales insights with powerful summary formulas:

  • Total Won Opportunities: Quickly see the sum total of all "closed won" opportunities.
  • Total Lost Opportunities: Track the sum total of all "lost" opportunities.
  • Opportunities by Status: Visualize the distribution of opportunities across different statuses to identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement.
  • Highest Value Open Opportunity: Identify the highest value open opportunity to prioritize efforts where they matter most.
  • New Contacts This Year: Monitor the number of new contacts added this year to gauge your networking and outreach success.


Notion template.

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