Leave Requests Management

Leave Requests Management (Notion Template)
Leave Requests Management - Notion template

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Efficiently manage employee leave requests with Notion.

Efficiently handle various types of leave requests, from sick leave to vacations, using the Leave Requests Management temaplete. Simplify your leave management process and stay organized effortlessly.


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The template includes the following databases:

  • 👥 Employees database: Create a comprehensive employee database within the "Employees" section. Easily input and manage employee information to facilitate leave request tracking.
  • 📅 Leave Requests database: record and manage all leave requests seamlessly. Track the status of each request effortlessly using the intuitive "Status" field.

Explore multiple views within the template to visualize leave request data according to your preferences. Sort and create custom views to suit your specific needs.


Access the most crucial leave request data through our Dashboard, providing a snapshot of day-to-day management. For a deeper dive, explore additional views on the Database page.


Notion template.

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