Applicant Tracking

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Applicant Tracking

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The Applicant Tracking template is a tool for managing the hiring process. It has three databases: Job Positions, Applicants, and Interviews. Together, they provide a complete view of each stage of the process.


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The Applicant Tracking template is a comprehensive tool designed to facilitate the efficient management of the hiring process. It consists of three related databases: "Job Positions", "Applicants", and "Interviews", which work together to provide a complete and organized view of each stage of the selection process.

💼 Job Positions

This database allows you to register all available job opportunities. Each entry can include details such as job title, department, experience level, salary range, job description, requirements, location, and other fields. You can also assign a recruiter user to the position.

👥 Applicants

Track detailed information for each candidate who has applied for a job. Each record can include personal information about the candidate, such as name, contact information, and attached resume file. In addition, you can record the status of each application (e.g., "Initial Review," "Scheduled Interview," "Offer," etc.) and attach additional notes to help you evaluate and compare candidates.

💬 Interviews

This database allows you to schedule and track all candidate interviews. You can record the date and time of each interview, the participants (candidate and interviewer), the topics discussed, and any notes about the interview. You can also rate the interview from 1 to 5 stars, providing an easy and visual way to assess the interview outcome.

Each database contains multiple views to help you visualize the data in an organized manner.

In summary, the Applicant Tracking template is a comprehensive and customizable solution that simplifies and streamlines the hiring process, enabling recruiters and HR teams to effectively manage every step from posting a job opening to selecting the final candidate.


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