Assets Tracking

Assets Tracking (Notion Template)
Assets Tracking Notion template

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Streamline your asset management process with this Notion template

Asset Tracking template is designed to streamline your asset management operations with unparalleled professionalism and efficiency.


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Key Features

  • Manage your assets with ease
  • Categorize assets
  • See where the assets are located
  • Assign them to employees
  • Check the status of the assets (e.g. available, in use, etc.)
  • And more.


  • Assets: Maintain a comprehensive inventory of your assets to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Categories: Efficiently organize assets by categorizing them by type or function.
  • Statuses: Keep track of the current status of your assets, facilitating proactive maintenance and timely intervention.
  • Locations: Accurately track the location of your assets, ensuring optimal utilization and accountability.
  • Employees: Seamlessly assign assets to specific employees.
  • Vendors: Easily manage suppliers. Know who you purchased each asset from.

Give your organization the tools it needs to succeed in today's dynamic business environment. Revolutionize your asset management process with this Notion template and gain unparalleled efficiency and control.

For whom

The Asset Tracking template caters to businesses with remote employees, where efficient asset management is paramount. It proves particularly invaluable for those who have employees utilizing business-related assets beyond the confines of the workplace. Enhance your remote asset management capabilities effortlessly.

Furthermore, any individual or organization seeking to uphold an organized and efficient record of their physical assets can derive immense value from this template. Whether you operate in construction, manufacturing, transportation, education, or any other industry, this Asset Tracking template is tailored to address your asset tracking requirements.

Say goodbye to the complexity of manual asset tracking and welcome a streamlined approach that not only saves you valuable time, but also reduces the risk of errors or misplacements.


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