Equipment Rental Management

Equipment Rental Management Notion Template
Equipment Rental Management (Notion Template)
Equipment Rental Management Notion template

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Skip the expensive and complex software. Start managing and tracking equipment rentals and bookings with this Notion template

Equipment Rental Management template allows you to manage and track rental equipment and bookings. Whether you're dealing with event gear, cameras, vehicles, machinery, or audio/video equipment, this template adapts seamlessly to any rental product.


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Key Features


The Dashboard page provides a comprehensive view of data from multiple databases.

Dashboard Equipment Rental
Efficiently organize and track rental contracts, visualizing crucial details like key dates, duration, total amount, and payment status all on a single page. Manage equipment and payments effortlessly from the rental overview.Rentals

Focus on individual rental lines with the "Rental Items" database, recording specific equipment details within contracts. Calculate total amounts automatically based on rental duration and daily rates, with a clear visualization of the rental timeline on the Dashboard.

rentals timeline
Displays warnings, if any, about overlapping rentals or poor, damaged, or archived condition of equipment selected in rentals.
Warnings equipment rented

Maintain a comprehensive inventory record, including daily rates, and quickly check real-time equipment status—whether available or rented. Review associated rental timelines directly from the equipment page for efficient oversight.



Manage vital customer information, including contact details and rental history, ensuring seamless communication and service.


Organize and track all rental-related payments systematically, recording payment statuses and dates for clear financial management.

The template is highly customizable and can be tailored to your specific needs. You are free to modify this template, i.e. add additional fields, customize workflows and views according to your preferences, and make any other specific changes to comply with your country's regulations. It gives you a solid foundation on which to build and optimize your own rental management system!

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For Whom?

  • Rental Companies looking to streamline equipment oversight and optimize billing workflows.
  • Entrepreneurs seeking to efficiently manage rentals and enhance the growth of their new ventures.
  • Production Teams coordinating equipment usage for audiovisual projects.
  • Event Organizers managing equipment rentals for special events.
  • Freelancers maintaining a clear and professional track of equipment rentals.

Databases included

  • Rental
  • Rental Items
  • Equipment
  • Payments
  • Customers

Notion Template Advantages

  • Intuitive Interface: Effortless navigation for both seasoned and new Notion users
  • Total Customization: Tailor the template to meet your specific requirements.
  • Real-Time Collaboration: Work seamlessly with your team in rental management.
  • Universal Access: Accessible from any internet-connected device, ensuring flexibility in managing rentals from anywhere.


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