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Issue Tracker template is the ultimate solution for seamlessly managing bugs, issues, and feature requests for your products and projects. With this template, you can efficiently organize and track all of these elements in one place.

Say goodbye to scattered information and hello to a streamlined process. The intuitive and easy-to-use interface allows you to easily visualize the current status of each issue, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

Key features include

  • Efficient organization: The template provides a comprehensive database for bugs, issues and feature requests, allowing you to keep everything in one place. No more searching for scattered information or juggling multiple platforms.
  • Visualize Status: The intuitive interface lets you see the current status of each issue at a glance. Stay on top of progress and prioritize tasks effectively.
  • 2 database templates: The database includes two templates: Bugs & Issues and Feature Requests. This categorization allows you to separate and address each issue appropriately.
  • Statistics: Easily track the status and priority of issues, ensuring a data-driven approach to problem resolution.
  • Streamline collaboration: Seamlessly collaborate with your team by centralizing all communications and updates within the Issue Tracker template. Keep everyone on the same page and increase productivity.

Whether you're managing a small project or a complex product, the Issue Tracker template is designed to simplify your workflow and increase efficiency. Say goodbye to the chaos of managing bugs, issues, and feature requests with a streamlined approach that empowers you to deliver exceptional results.

Take control of your product development process today with the Issue Tracker template and ensure that no bug, issue or feature request goes unnoticed.

What's included in the template

  • Databases: Issues and Statistics
  • Help Page


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