CRM Real Estate Showings

CRM Real Estate Showings (Notion Template)
CRM Real Estate Showings Notion template

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Last template update: June 5, 2024

📅 Schedule visits to your properties for sale or rent and see the 🎯 match probabilities

Welcome to the ultimate Notion template designed specifically for real estate professionals! This comprehensive and customizable Notion template offers a powerful dashboard and database system to streamline your real estate management tasks. Whether you're an agent, property manager, or real estate investor, this template will help you stay organized, manage your properties, and enhance your productivity.


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Key Features


The Dashboard provides a quick view of key data and access to various databases with a drop-down menu for easy navigation. Most views are inside toggles, allowing you to customize and expand the information you need.

Dashboard CRM Real Estat Showing


Effortlessly handle every detail of your properties, from availability and address to photos, competitive prices, bedroom and bathroom counts, pet policies, parking options, size specifications, and property conditions, among others.


Showings Schedule

Track real estate showings with details such as status, scheduled date, property, client, and a match formula to evaluate the client's requirements against property features..


View the total match of client requeriments.

match showings


With the comprehensive client database, you can effortlessly keep track of their contact information, preferences, and budget, ensuring a personalized and efficient service. Maintain a complete record of your clients and their specific requirements, allowing you to tailor your offerings to their needs.

Clients and Owners


Keep track of property owners with details like full name, type (individual or business), phone, email, and total properties owned.


Ensure you never miss a task with a dedicated database to track and manage all your to-dos.

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For Whom?

  • Property Owners
  • Individual Real Estate Agents
  • Real Estate Agencies

Databases Included

  • Properties: Keep track of all your properties, their unique features, and relevant details.
  • Property Types: Categorize your properties efficiently for easy search and management.
  • Owners: Maintain a database of property owners and their contact information for seamless communication.
  • Schedule: Stay organized with an integrated calendar that ensures smooth coordination of viewings and appointments.
  • Clients: Capture and store client information, preferences, and requirements for a personalized experience.
  • Tasks: Manage and prioritize your real estate tasks efficiently, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.


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