Rental Property Lite

Rental Property Lite Notion template
Rental Property Lite Notion template
Rental Property Lite

Rental Property Lite is an ideal solution for those looking for a free tool to manage the basic details of their rental properties. Maintain the essential details of your rental properties without the need for advanced systems.

Databases are included in this template

  • 🏡 Properties: Keep track of your properties and their details such as type, status and monthly rent.
  • 👥 Tenants: Manage your tenants by recording their start and end dates and basic contact information.
  • ⬇ Income: Track rental income with details such as date, amount, and property.
  • ⬆ Expenses: Track expenses related to your properties, including maintenance, utilities, and taxes.


For Whom

For users who need a simple template to manage the basic data of their rental properties.

🚀 Discover the Premium version for Advanced Features

Looking for more advanced features? Check out the Rental Property Management Premium version. Gain access advanced features such as detailed financial tracking, complete databases of tenants, owners, service requests, vendors & suppliers, document management, tasks, and more.

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Rental Property Notion Template. Lite vs Premium

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